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CHLOE (Allison Mack) AND DAVIS (Sam Witwer) ARE ATTACKED HUNDREDS OF MILES FROM SMALLVILLE. With the assistance of a friend from Chloe’s past, they get drawn into a struggle that may destroy their cover and their perceptions of themselves forever.
At the Watchtower, the remaining heroes try to recover their vanishing teammates in the wake of the Blur’s disappearance, ignorant of the far more powerful foe that is rising in their backyard.
Dr. Hamilton (Alessandro Juliani) digs into the mystery of the Destroyer’s death and stumbles upon a scientific project of truly ‘eternal’ severity.

Storyline byvagrantdream,silvervintage82andvintageamber.

Airdate: September 25, 2009

A hint? Think of Injustice. And remember, Every Contact Leaves a Trace.
Let the discussion begin!

Once upon a time there was a show called Smallville and story arc known as the Doomsday arc. It brought us the character of Davis Bloome, a man destined to destroy the world instead of save it, a man who saw everything he wanted to be deconstructed in front of his very eyes and still fought. A man who in the midst of the smoking ash, saw Chloe Sullivan, really saw her, like not even 'Superman' could. Their relationship was literally 'doomed' from the very start but we found ourselves rooting for the better ending that the Superman comics were all about.

In just one season, their storyline brought us a lot of things. Sizzling chemistry, a very tangible connection between two individuals, an anti-hero we could root for, a heroine who was far more than a pretty martyr, and a relationship, always arife with conflicts and moral questions because of the circumstances of its existence. Turbulence brought us conflict, Eternal brought us tears, and Beast brought it all to a head.

However, in Doomsday, characterization and the journey was swept under the rug for mythos and Superman's fourth (?) loss of faith in humanity. So the man who pleaded to be killed in a shower of Kryptonite to save the world was the monster, not the destroyer and then the destroyer dies? Is there more to this story? Welcome to Among Us (sometimes known as the Chloe and Davis show), a retelling where the ‘mythos’ is about hope, and Beauty and the Beast gets its proper ending. Eventually.

You might want to ask.
Is this just for those who loved Twilight? For the Moonlight fans? For the Forever Night or Blood Ties fans? For the people who will be watching the Vampire Diaries or for Phantom of the Opera Fans? Is this just for those of you who watch True Blood for the metaphors about society or impossible relationships? Is this just for those of you who squeed over Bette and Bruce in the Incredible Hulk? Or those of you who just love Chloe Sullivan? If you love that, more power to you, but don’t come for it. Come for a new story.

Come for the unsung characters you loved/love. Chloe Sullivan. Davis Bloome. Oliver Queen. Emil Hamilton. Andrea Rojas. Come for their journeys and the action it takes to get there.
Come for the answers. Come for the Company. Come for the…Hope.

A note about the project: Among Us grew from the combined efforts of some closely knit fans on the ksite boards and ballooned. It involves video artists, graphic artists, a team of writers, a musical team… If the storyline/ the camaraderie/the ship/learning about screenwriting in a group interests you by all means, contact us and join in. We’d love to have you on our team.